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Patient Testimonials

"Such a great and knowledgeable staff They explain everything about your injury and the treatment, so you understand Mike and Dave and Jason are just amazing, as well as the rest of the therapist and the girls at the desk They treat you like family"


"Mike is a great therapist professional, calm, thorough, personable"


"Suzanne and Caitlyn have an excellent working relationship They are friendly, caring and very professional and I appreciate their work, and the improvement I feel already, after just three visits"


"Rick is an excellent manager and clinician Very positive and friendly attitude"


"I had a onetime treatment for vertigo It was like magic The therapist was so informative"


"I will be forever grateful for the support, knowledge, and help that Toni Oliver provided me I had a terrible three week bout of vertigo and she was literally my saving grace I feel comforted knowing that if I should ever experience vertigo again that there is hope with Toni's help"


"This place is great Very prompt Everything fully explained Wonderful service"


"PT has been tremendously helpful and Colleen Wong and team have been most professional, caring, and capable"


"Suze and Maya PT intern have been exceptionally caring, patient, and knowledgeable They are very encouraging when the therapy becomes challenging They push me just enough to make progress yet they never force me to go beyond my limits Even though I'm worn out when the session is done, I always feel that my condition is improving and it spurs me on to continue"


"Karma and her assistant were excellent and caring They were really knowledgeable about their field Karma helped me understand what had happened to me, and how to deal with it"


"All the staff are personable Toni is very good explaining the reasons why she has me doing certain exercises And, always makes sure I can perform the task properly She gives clear instructions to her aide, Dustin, so I have complete confidence in him"


"Compassionate, effective and extremely competent care from therapist, interns, aids and front office staff"


"The staff is amazing I was so pleased with everything They are my support team and made me feel special every time I entered their office"


"I truly believe that I am able to walk again because of the quality care given to me by everyone I encountered at San Luis Sports Therapy, after a complete avulsion of my proximal left hamstring and subsequent surgery that was not only painful but disabling as well I cannot express my gratitude adequately and I will forever remember the quality therapy and always pass this information on to my friends and family THANK YOU"


"Very friendly atmosphere Staff makes you feel very comfortable and your therapy enjoyable Very impressed with Kallie's determination of therapy needed and professionalism in providing it Her assistant Lisa was also very friendly and helpful"


"I have been treated very professionally with outstanding therapists"


"They have been outstanding Michael works very hard as does the staff"


"Professional, fun and friendly staff It was a very enjoyable experience"


"Jennifer S is so thorough and listens to patient comments, very intelligent, well trained and professional as well as the assistants and front office receptionists It is very hard to find the professionalism in medical settings it seems, so to have a very upbeat staff is to be commended Well done I started out in Templeton and am currently in Paso Robles and found both facilities equally great"


"My therapist did an outstanding job trying to help me recover after having a minor surgery on my knee Kristen did a really good job though and it will be good to work with her again"


"I have received physical therapy from Jason Roda on and off for over 15 years Always appreciated his professionalism, knowledge, patientcare and bedside manner I'm very confident of the care I've received from him"


"I was very pleased with the knowledge and care given to me by the staff This is the third time I have used them for different problems hip, back, and shoulder"


"The Templeton office has an upbeat amp cohesive team Lots of humor, lots of positive feedback I never thought I'd avoid surgery, or get out of pain with my back which was chronic and debilitating for more than two years but I did Now I belong to a gym and swim two days a week and lift weights two days a week I literally got my life back because of San Luis Sports Therapy I can't thank you guys enough for the use of my back AND my hands Thanks, Mike"


"Everyone with whom I interacted was really great, knowledgeable, friendly amp professional"


"Throughout this whole incident with workers comp, by far my best experience has been with my PT He was patient, knowledgeable, and explained things to me He wasn't arrogant or dismissive like most of the doctors have been Everyone there seems to like their job the office has a positive vibe I enjoyed going there"


"Loved going here Had so much fun And recovered fast with your help Thanks "


"Bryan and his staff made the therapy informative, helpful, and above all they are very courteous"


"Therapists seemed well aware of the specific treatment to correct my problem Very good at answering questions about the pain and the treatment Nice people"


"I went into the clinic limping as my broken right foot was very painful I explained to the therapist Jaci what the problems were and within the first half hour she had relieved the main point of pain Then within a couple of weeks I was going up and down stairs with very little pain My foot is better now than before I had injured it THANK YOU"


"The staff is amazing I was so pleased with everything They are my support team and made me feel special every time I entered their office"


"I lost faith in physical therapy because it never seemed to work Laura restored my faith She went over and above and I always felt better the day of treatment and days afterwards"


"Bryan and the staff are always prompt and friendly, my physical wellbeing has significantly improved since starting therapy here I can't express how thankful I am"


"Physical therapy has helped me activate muscles that have been in a sense turned off With these muscles now activated I am able to use my body more efficiently while trainingPhysical therapy has not only made my workouts stronger it has also allowed me to hit personal bests in my competitions Colleen is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and moves She uses her expertise to make exercises fun and challenging Colleen never lets you get by doing the minimal amount she is constantly striving to make you excel to your peak performanceThe clinic's atmosphere is energized about making their patients feel better Each day the PT's have new challenges for you to accomplish and help you every step of the way achieve your goals"

Christopher, Olympic Athlete

"You probably dont remember me because I was only in PT a few times and it was several months ago, but I wanted to thank you for giving me some good lessons on the care and feeding of my armwristelbowshoulder I took the exercises that you provided, and still try to do them on a daily basis If I slack off, the overly tight and stiff muscles prod me to get back to a good maintenance regimen Thanks to you, I know how to keep my arms and shoulders healthy so I can get back to surfing, biking, and all the other good playing I like to do"


"I want to take the opportunity to say I have enjoyed being assigned to Karma for physical therapy for the knee injury I came in with last monthI feel Karma was the perfect fit and is a wonderful therapist I am a bicyclist and she is so in tune to my need to exercise on a regular basisShe gave me a set of exercises and a homework sheet to come home with and I followed them to the letterEach time we meet she would ask me questions and I would answer them Once I was able to ride my bicycle she gave me guidelines and I followed themThen she gave me a grade percentage so I could ride and add a bit of a challengeOne day I went too many miles and over did it because I felt strong enough, but in reality, I actually pushed myself a bit farther than I should have, but she did not beat me up, she said it was okay just to back off a bit since I was still healingI aggravated my knee and failed to ice like I should have That was my faultI am thankful and feel blessed that she can explain a plan so simple and made this transition and recovery period so much better I still have a couple of more sessions with Karma, but wanted to make sure I got a chance to let you know she is an awesome physical therapistAustin has been working with me as well and going through my exercise routine every time I go into treatment He watches as I do the exercises and won't let me cheatIf I'm not doing something correctly, he is there to make sure I correct the position of the exercise so that it works as intendedThere are days I whine, but he is always the professionalWhat a great team I was paired with between Karma and Austin this has been a great recovery for me As always I think San Luis Sports Therapy is one of the best places to recovery from an injury and recommend your facility when asked"


"I have definitely noticed a difference in my body with training and recovery and performance Before starting physical therapy with Colleen Russell I definitely had a lot of asymmetries in my body For example, my left quad was more than 5 cm smaller than my right side As of Feb 8, there is only a 1 cm difference That is one of the most obvious and visible physical changes, but I have also noticed positive things in training like the ability to maintain my hip position when sprinting and jumping My hips were really weak when I started PT with Colleen and that has been one area of focus in therapy sessions My hips feel a lot stronger and I am able to maintain stronger, more powerful positions during long and hard workouts Instead of fatiguing, I am able to complete the workouts maintaining good form Which is really important being a multievent athlete, because we spend long hours practicing and on competition days sometimes up to six hours, and the ability to maintain good physical form throughout a workout or competition is really important for seeing the best results possible I feel like I can last through an entire tough work out without certain muscle groups fatiguing, because we have been working to make sure everything is strong and stays strong"

Sharon Day, Olympic Athlete

"My injury was to my leg When my doctor prescribed therapy, I chose San Luis Sports Therapy Good choice After evaluation of my condition my treatment was decided and it began immediately After 6 weeks of twice weekly sessions, my leg is strong and healthy thanks to the fine care and attention I received from every one of the dedicated people who work thereWhen I first went to SLST, I was nervous about this new experience But I was put at ease at once I was welcomed warmly and soon found myself in the very capable and willing hands of a great group of people who made me feel important in their busy days"


"We had a player receive what appeared to be a concussion, which is a necessary part of playing sports these days Hes fine and back on the field, but the attention to which Megan Swanlund, ATC for Mission Prep HS looked after our player was unprecedented She was extremely thorough, always checking on our player throughout the game until the time we left the field She then proceeded to thoroughly explain the situation to the head coach as well as to the players fatherNot only was this impressive, but it stood heads and shoulders above what we would have experienced at other schools and remarkably much more than you would have seen if the tables were reversedSports is a vital part of a young mans curriculum and necessary for preparation for life after high school Having and seeing someone like Megan makes people think, stand up and take notice, and occasionally write lettersI was a Corpsman in the Navy, as was my wife, we know the difference between actual care and minimum compliance Thanks for taking care of my player and thanks for being an example to the community in a time that desperately needs examples"

Coach at Atascadero High School

"I had an offroad motorcycle accident about 4 years ago and never got quiteright afterwardsI haven't been able to run and it got to the point walking down stairs became a huge challenge, because of the constant pain in both kneesAfter a complete workup by an orthopedic surgeon, the best course of action turned out to be a recommendation for physical therapy I was skeptical at bestI thought I was in pretty good physical shape and didn't really expect a lot of improvement Huge changeIn less than 2 months I feel like someone hasgiven me a new set of knees the pain I've been living with for the last 4 years is almost completely gone I'm truly amazed at how well physical therapy worked"


"My doctor referred me to San Luis Sports Therapy for physical therapy She told me she was a client and had great relief with excellent results Pains in both arms and my neckdisrupted several years of sleepSide effects from statin medication affected and weakened overall muscle strength I lost overall muscle strengthMeeting the staff and knowing what to expect, in a warm, receptive, environment, where all are extremely knowledgeable, and are experts in getting resultsI felt like my experience was a miracle I'm not sure how to say thanks to a group that relieves pain and saved me from surgeryIf I could tell others who suffer from pain about San Luis Sports Therapy, I would say have your doctor write a prescription and experience the results many have receivedI can't begin to thank all of you"


"Proud to live here On September 16supthsup, at our first home football game this fall at SLOHS, an Oxnard football player suffered a severe head injury He is now making a recovery and with this positive news I would like to thank the incredible community that helped to facilitate this young mans recoveryWhen our administrative team first heard of the incident, we wanted to help the family However, our efforts to pay for the familys hotel rooms were met by George Newland from Quality Suites He made it his priority to provide the family with comfort and a home base during their threeweek stay This generosity was also displayed by the Gridiron Club at SLOHS, which arranged meals and other services for the familyThen, the outpouring of help continued from anonymous members of the community who provided donations Our staff and administrators, along with Superintendent Eric Prater, continually showed support This community spirit was truly amazing, as was the hard work of the team Athletic Trainers from San Luis Sports Therapy, Amanda Snyder and Stacey Ritter, along with Dr Weise, the staff as Sierra Vista hospital and all of the ICU nurses, doctors and EMT staff who helpedAs a newcomer to the community, I was impressed with the cooperative spirit and compassion shows for this athlete and his family I am proud to live in and be a part of the San Luis Obispo community"

Leslie O’Connor, Principal of SLOHS

"Well, being an old hard headed tough guy, I kept thinking Oh my knee will be fine, in time Well it wasnt I went to the Dr who instead of wanting to perform surgery, said Charlie why dont you try San Luis Sports Therapy That was the best thing I ever did SLST started my therapy right away your staff is the best Special thanks to Marijane the knee whisperer and Jason SandersI have and will continue to tell friends, family, etc about my experience If you want to avoid surgery I recommend SLST Give it a try they did a miracle for me Thank you"


"As I was receiving treatment for my back and hip Emily was always there with a smile and she always took great care and understanding with me including my last day there with my complete breakdown in tears for all they had done for me"


"Thank you so much for your incredibly positive and friendly attitudes I really cant believe the impact you had on my body and my overall wellbeing in such a short amount of timeI wish I could pack all of you and a few kettlebells into my gym bag and take you everywhere with me I guess in a less literal way I will, because you all helped me jumpstart a wellrounded fitness routine and a wellrounded bumGood luck to all of you in the future, I will recommend you to everyone I know and hope to return someday"


"San Luis Sports Therapy is THE place to go if you have to go to therapy Thanks to all the employees there that have helped me through the pain I was in and get me back in to shape so I can move and begin to enjoy life again as should be All very pleasant to be around, makes you very comfortable to be there If need be, and I have to go to therapy in the future, this is the place I will go back to Thank you all"


"Jason Roda changed my life by fixing my neck Thank you Jason"


"This is the place if you have any problems with your body I had some knee issues for over ten years and other physical therapists were not able to solve the problem I had Michael take a look and he found out what was going on and now my knees are pain free That was over a year ago and I'm still feeling great, as long as I do my prescribed stretches regularly"


"I started with Michael Williams and support staff in 2005 suffering with spinal problems and pain Michael helped me in many ways be it therapy movements, exercises or things to do at home to help alleviate the extensive pain Following 2stage spine surgery in 2006, I returned to Michael for therapy and wellness exercise guidance Throughout the ensuing years, I have returned to the wellness program always benefiting from the wise guidance of Michael and dedicated staffJanuary 2012 brought my rotator cuff repair surgery and I again returned to San Luis Sports Therapy Jason Godfrey was my physical therapist and, as Michael, did an outstanding job in therapy care, in expediting my rehab then, subsequently, directing an excellent wellness program for ongoing improvement The strongly committed and patient staff continues to guide my exercise programThrough the years, I have been impressed with the high level of expertise and enthusiasm Michael generates as he cares for the clients Jasons knowledge and personable interactions with the clients is equally impressive and coupled with Michaels many attributes, creates an excellent balance for staff and clients alike"


"I just want to say as I completed 6 of 8 appointments at SLST this week, what a positive experience it has been I really felt like the staff cared about me and my progress Chris was wonderful"


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